What happens if you eat a large amount of THC edibles?

I’m sitting at home chilling with some tasty THC gummies but it has now been 45 minutes and I’m not feeling the effects jet, which got me wondering. What happens if you eat a large amount of THC edibles?

The THC effects of marijuana edibles are estimated to be more than five times stronger than old fashion smoking.

As a result, overdose with edibles a relatively common compared to smoking, so I did a little bit of research.

Taking too much THC edibles at once is not known to be harmful in the sense that, you will not suffer any organ failure such as permanent or temporary brain damage. There have been zero fatal marijuana overdoses reported as a result of eating THC edibles.

But to ingest an extra high dose of THC may have nasty side effects, particularly for people with low body tolerance like with marijuana newcomers.

Let’s look into what that means and what you can do when it happens to you.

What is the difference between marijuana smoke and edible form?

You would think that the high from smoking and edibles is the same, wouldn’t you? Apparently, it’s not.

It appears that edibles like brownies and gummies will get you way higher than old fashion smoking.

How in the stink pickles can marijuana have two unique user experiences? Here is how that works.

Well, once again some clever nerds have been doing some interesting research on marijuana space magic and found out how tetrahydrocannabinol THC affects the body when absorbed in different ways.

The most significant difference between smoke and edibles is how our body absorbs THC.

Smoking cannabis is widely associated with recreational use because of its fast delivery method which allows the THC to enter the bloodstream directly.

As a result, smoking cannabis will get you to your happy place within a flash but the effects only last for 1 to 2 hours.

The short-lasting effects of smoking marijuana complement my lifestyle because it allows me to go on with my day after just a couple of hours without a hangover like with alcohol for instance.

Research suggests that edibles are way more efficient and healthier than traditional smoking or oil vape, especially in medical terms.

Apart from edible being less harmful, it offers more health and therapeutic benefits than smoking.

While the combustion process of smoking cannabis destroys other beneficial compounds like CBD, edibles keep these sought-after cannabinoids intact and provide an opportunity for the body to absorb and take advantage of the full therapeutic effects of cannabis.

Another major user motivation behind THC edibles is that the therapist effect is stronger and lasts for much longer compared to old fashion smoking.

The reason for this is that in order for your body to metabolize Delta 9 THC that is found in raw marijuana, the liver needs to convert it to a compound that is easier processed by our body.

Delta 9 THC is broken down by enzymes in the liver and then converted to 11 hydroxy THC which is more potent by miles compared to Delta 9.

After stuffing your face with irresistible gooey edibles like brownies, expect the effects to kick in after 45 to 120 minutes and last anything from 3 to 12 hours depending on your body tolerance.

As a result, edibles enjoy widespread popularity as the preferred delivery method to treat medical conditions like sleep disorders or anxiety.

If you are using edibles for the first time, make sure you understand how to estimate your unique dose. Always remember, “start low and slow” (Small doses more than 2 hours apart).

How too figure out the right dose for you?

What makes marijuana edibles tricky to calculate the right dose is that it is incomparable against other delivery methods like smoking because their potency differs by miles.

This in itself is the most beneficial property of edibles because users can consume a much higher dose at once, high enough to treat complex conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.

Firstly, the most significant factor when it comes to calculating the ideal dose for you is body tolerance.

For instance, if you are an everyday marijuana smoker, you need to take a much higher edible portion (dose) than a person with no THC tolerance to experience the same effect.

The dose effects mentioned in this post are meant to serve as a general guideline to what you may experience on different strength doses.

So, what can you expect from the different edible doses?


Firstly, we start with a microdose which ranges from 1 to 2.5mg THC.

While most people don’t experience any significant therapeutic effects from this dose, some people that are hypersensitive to THC may find the microdose a comfortable starting point.

This dose range is commonly used to treat mild symptoms of pain and anxiety.

Furthermore, recent clinical research reported a slight increase in creativity and focus in a large number of participants.

The effects of this dose range are remarkably mild which makes it ideal to dip your toe into an edible pool for the first time.

Low Dose

The low dose ranges from 2.5 to 15mg of 11 hydroxy THC. In this range, the two ends of the spectrum experience are can be very different, particularly for people with a low tolerance for THC.

The high end of the dose spectrum is commonly used for medical reasons and has proven itself to be effective against mild chronic pain and particular insomnia conditions.

Within this dose range, you may experience temporary mood improvement revealed as a mild euphoria sensation.

The sedative effects of THC start really starts to kick within the dose range which can be experienced as impaired coordination and altered perception.

That being said, this dose range is unlikely to contribute to noticeable negative side effects and would easily be tolerated by first-time users.

With personal experiments, I noticed no significant diffidence between the high dose from edibles and the average smoking high.

The low end of the spectrum is perfected for newcomers while the upper end is more suited for occasional marijuana smokers because the potency is unlikely to be overwhelming.

Medium Dose

The medium dose ranges from 15 to 30mg. Even though this might be too strong of a dose for marijuana novices, someone with a decent THC tolerance may still not feel strong effects.

Generally, this is my favorite dose range because it is strong enough to help elevate chronic pain but weak enough to keep me functioning during the day.

However, in this dose range, you are more likely to experience negative side effects such as anxiety and paranoia.

This is an extremely interesting phenomenon because marijuana use is widely reported to in fact treat anxiety and stress.

In recent years researchers found that Tetrahydrocannabinol has biphasic effects which means that users can experience the opposite effects on different doses.

In this dose range, you most certainly will have a sensation of altered perception and coordination.

These therapeutic side effects within this dose range can not be compared to an alcohol intoxication as they are nothing alike.

Even though the medium-dose can temporarily plant the user on the couch, the effects are weak enough to overcome and be active.

I found that this dose range is perfect when Im weight training or running because it helps me to zone in and help connect my mind to muscle.

As a result, I enjoy intense training sessions more because of the increased ability to isolate and target specific muscles.

That being said, within the medium dose range the classic marijuana side effects will start showing up such as the notorious stoner’s red eyes and dry mouth.

However, these side effects are temporary and can be easily managed with eyedrops or Bob Marley’s cottonmouth remedy, water.

In short, the medium dose should only be attempted by experienced marijuana users because the tasty grass can easily turn against you by creating paranoia.

High Dose

The high dose ranges from 30 to 50mg. This dose range will get you higher than the empire state building, even seasoned marijuana users.

If you are a new user and accidentally consumed this kind of dose size, you better hang tight because it can get ruff.

That being said, even if it feels like you might experience some sort of medical consequences from using this high dose of edibles, it is considered harmless.

You are more likely to end up in the hospital because you decimated the fridge or nacks pantry.

High THC doses are known to bring a new dimension to the side effect portfolio such as the classic munchie.

In fact, the munchie’s side effect is widely recognized in the medical community and is used to help cancer patients regain partial appetite after corrosive treatments.

Extra-High dose

Extra-High doses range from 50 to 100mg of THC. Well, you don’t need me to tell you that this dose range needs to be approached with caution.

It has been reported by veteran marijuana users that they experience illusions similar to LSD.

While there have been no confirmed fatalities from a marijuana overdose, this amount might make you end up staying overnight in the hospital because of severe side effects like panic attacks, nausea, or even mild psychosis.

What to do after marijuana edible overdose?

The thought of marijuana overdose might sound scary but not consider dangerous like heroin or cocaine overdose.

THC overdose side effect is not harmful and can be managed with a little bit of knowledge.

The best thing you can do when overdosing on THC edibles is to consume CBD extract.

As soon as you consume CBD you will feel yourself come down from the overwhelming high.

CBD extract which is mostly sourced from the hemp cannabis plant actually acts as a rescue inhaler against THC.

This is extremely ironic that the cure for THC poisoning is found in a cannabis plant similar to marijuana.

CBD tincture is ideal in these types of situations because it can be left underneath the tongue to absorb faster.

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