Can CBD drops make you dizzy? (health concerns)

CDB edibles like drops are widely trusted to be safe to use in the medical community. 

However, some users may experience mild side effects like getting dizzy. 

The slight lightheadedness is caused by how the CBD interacts with the blood circulatory system.

CBD can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. The pressure drop is harmless if it is not linked to an underlying medical condition. 

A study trial of 9 people found that CBD in high doses lowers blood pressure. 

Moreover, THC found in CBD oils also plays a role in blood pressure irregularity. 

The study suggests that THC use increases the risk of a sudden drop in blood pressure when standing. 

While blood pressure slightly raises when lying down.  

It is well documented that CBD may cause dizziness, particularly amongst new users. 

New users may experience a temporary side effect while the body adjusts to the new treatment. 

Once the body gets accustomed to CBD, the dizziness will naturally subside over time. 

The time the body takes to adjust depends on CBD purity, dosage strength, and medication conflict.

Getting CBD Purity and Dosage right

First, you may want to verify the purity and if the labeling on the product is accurate.

Reputable CBD sellers proved a third-party COA (Certificate Of Authenticity).

The COA provides transparency into CDB dose strength and declares if the product contains harmful toxins.

A 2016 study tested the purity of 90 random CBD products from 31 different companies. Products range from CBD oils, edibles, and vape pens.

The study found that 10 percent of the products contained heavy metal toxicity.

CBD can get contaminated when growing hemp plans with polluted water or when using dangerous pesticides.

Let’s just say, IT NO BUENO.

There is no point in taking a health remedy if it causes more harm than good.

The same study found that a staggering 70 percent of the products tested had inaccurate CBD dose labeling.

Out of the 70 percent, 40 percent had more CBD than indicated on the labeling.

As a result, you might be overdosing without you even realizing it.

Therefore, inaccurate labeling may be the cause of CBD dizziness.

The COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) solves this issue by verifying the purity and potency.

COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) can usually be found on the product packaging. Presented as a QR code.

If the seller can not provide a Certificate Of Authenticity. It is not worth buying the product.

CBD dosage and body tolerance

Not everyone responds the same to CBD.

You may want to revise if the dose is not too strong for your body.

If you have a low CBD tolerance it can cause dizziness or lightheadedness.

I found the best way to test body tolerance is to cut the recommended dose by half.

By reducing the dosage in half you will have a baseline to compare your body’s tolerance.

Medication conflict

If the dizziness is severe there might be other elements to take into account.

You may want to investigate if the dizziness is caused by medication conflict.

If you suspect this might be the case. It is best to initially stop with the CBD treatment and contact a licensed medical practitioner.

How does it feel to take CBD?

I have been a CBD user for many years.

After a horrific motorbike, I started to use CBD to manage the pain during the 16-month recovery process.

Here is what I learned.

When taking CBD the feeling is subtle, but you can clearly notice a change.

You feel relaxed like you just had a wonderful massage.

Unlike alcohol or marijuana, CBD is NON-psychoactive.

As a result, CBD will not make you feel intoxicated or disoriented.

Why does CBD make me feel weird and tingly?

The weird tingling feeling from using CBD may be related to the “entourage effect”.

The entourage effect is a physical feeling that is caused by taking the cannabis plant with all its natural compounds.

The cannabis plant contains more than 120 phytocannabinoids and other compounds called terpenoids.

These phytocannabinoids and terpenoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and cause a physical sensation.

The two most popular phytocannabinoids are Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

One reason for their popularity is that both have a strong effect on the body that can be felt physically.

Both CBD and THC have noticeable physical soothing effects that complement each other when taken together.

Therefore making them the most researched phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Research suggests that taking CBD (non-psychoactive) and THC (psychoactive) together has a greater effect as a remedy or health supplement.

Most new CBD users typically descript the feeling as weird or tingly.

What is the “entourage effect”?

The entourage effect refers to the maximum therapeutic experience when taking CBD with all its natural components.

Research suggests that taking all the cannabis pant components at once has a synergy effect (entourage effect) .

The component synergy has a greater medical effect on the body. In contrast when taking phytocannabinoids (CBD and THC) separately.

A 2010 study found that CBD synergy has greater pain relief in cancer patients.

According to the study, taking the complete CBD spectrum creates unique physical sensations and medical benefits.

That otherwise would not be present when taking pure THC or CBD.

How to take advantage of the full “entourage effect”

CBD products are categorized into three profiles. These profiles refer to a specific CBD compound makeup.

To experience the full “entourage effect” it is best to stay away from CBD isolated profile.

Isolate profile is the purest form of CBD. However, it contains none of the other cannabinoids and terpenoids found in the cannabis plant.

As a result, taking isolate will have little to no “entourage effect”.

The second profile is broad-spectrum. It contains all the hemp plant components with NO THC (psychoactive).

Therefore, broad-spectrum CBD essentially stimulates only a partial entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum is a great option when THC consumption poses a problem like potential medication conflict.

However, taking the legal 0.3 percent THC in natural hemp CBD completes the entourage synergy effects.

The last profile is Full Spectrum. It is the most popular profile because it contains the full phytocannabinoids and terpenoids spectrum found in hemp plants. Including the legal 0.3 percent THC.

This 0.3 percent THC trace amount will not get you stones. It is just enough to interact with the other cannabinoids to encourage the full “entourage effect”.

However, the THC dose in the CBD may vary tremendously in strength depending on which cannabis plant the CBD is derived from.

CBD derived from the Marijuana cannabis plant may contain up to 20 percent THC.

While CBD derived from the hemp plant contains a maximum legal amount of 0.3 percent THC.

How to avoid getting dizzy for CBD edibles

When taking CBD there are a few measures that can be taken to avoid getting dizzy.

Most people start taking CBD as a medical remedy or therapeutic reason.

In such cases, a proper dose is needed to achieve the end goal.

By the same token, taking too much CBD may cause dizzy side effects because of a sudden drop in blood pressure.

The best way to combat CBD dizziness is by lower the dose and establishing body tolerance.

By starting low and slow your body gets more time to get accustomed to the new substance.

Another quick remedy you may want to try is to drink a coffee while taking CBD edibles.

Caffeine slightly raises the blood pressure and may help to counter the side effects.

Lastly, you might want to consider taking CBD edibles just before bedtime.

However, If none of these quick remedies work for you, it’s best to consults a doctor to find out if CBD is the right fit for you.

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