What happens if you eat expired CBD gummies?

Eating food past the best-by-date cause can expose your body to all sorts of harmful bacteria that can even be fatal in some cases. 

After accidentally eating a couple of CBD gummies over two years past the expiration date I got curious. 

What happens if you eat expired CBD gummies?

After weeks of research, i discover interesting facts about expired gummy that are extremely fascinating.  

According to the USDA. Most expiration dates listed on foods refer to freshness (quality).

However, there are exceptions to the rule and critical factors to consider when determining if food is safe. 

In this article, we look at health risks associated with consuming old CBD candy and the effectiveness of expired CBD.

Do CBD gummies expire?

What happens if you eat expired CBD gummies?


Yes. Like all foods, CBD gummies do expire. But is safe to eat for many years.

Aside from the glucose and preservatives in the candy that might go bad.

The CBD loses its potency and is rendered useless over time.

CBD gummies are made from hemp extract. The extract does not contain any organic plant materials which are prone to decomposition.

Therefore, the CBD in the gummy will not go rotten.

However, CBD loses its effectiveness over time and will not produce expected results. The CBD molecular structure breakdown typically starts to happen within 12 months of packaging.

Proper storage can preserve the CBD within the gummies for longer.

But, even with the best storage techniques. CBD will lose its potency. regardless if unopened.

The other ingredients in CBD gummies do not really expire either.

But these food ingredients get stale over time and make it extremely unpleasant to eat the gummy.

Can I eat expired CBD gummies? (Quick answer)

Over time CBD changes on a molecular structure and will not be edible forever.

While eating gummies no more than two years past the expiration date is harmless. It needs to be consumed with caution, especially if you do not know how it what stored.

If the candy still has the gummy texture, appearance with no visible mold. It is good to consume even two years after the expiration date.

It is recommended to consume CBD gummies within 6 to 9 months after being packaged. CBD freshness is critical to ensure the highest CBD potency level. The same applies to THC.

The recommendation time does not mean the CBD had completely disappeared or taste bad. It merely indicates the maximum time for best results and taste.

Furthermore, it indicates that after 9 months the CBD in the gummy starts to degrade. How fast depends on the storage method and ingredients.

There is no point in consuming hemp products without CBD benefits.

The lack of benefits is not an indicator that the gummies have gone bad or rancid. It merely reduces the usefulness to consume the candy.

To determine if expired CBD gummies will hurt you, check signs of rancidness or mildew.

This article covers how to determine when CBD gummies are safe to consume.

How to store CBD gummy edibles?

Since sugar acts as a natural preservative, CBD gummy edibles will stay good for a while.

However, improper storage drastically decreases its self-life.

Can CBD oil go bad in heat?

Yes, heat and direct sunlight are extremely corrosive to the CBD molecular structure and tincture.

Firstly it causes the CBD to lose its overall effectiveness prematurely.

Secondly, exposure to heat creates moisture which encourages the growth of harmful molds.

The best environment to store CBD gummy edibles is in a dark and cool place.

Keep moisture and humidity away

Moisture control is a big factor when storing CBD gummies. Exposing gummies to high humidity creates moisture.

Too much moisture increases the risk of harmful mildew or mold bacteria growth.

However, too little moisture dries out the essential oils and tincture. Which degrades the delivery method and renders the CBD less effective.

The best storage place in your home for CBD candy is the freezer or refrigerator. But will not go band in an air-conditioned room.

Best storage containers for CBD candy

Keeping CBD gummies in an airtight container is extremely important to ensure longevity.

Prolonged air exposure not only dries out the candy but also increases the risk of unwanted mold and other harmful bacteria.

Another major concern with moisture loss is the evaporation of the THC compound within CBD. Essentially, reducing the THC potency in the CBD.

There are many types of containers that can work to store gummies. But I found that a Ziploc bag or glass jar is sufficient.

What is the Shelf life of CBD gummies?

The self-life of gummies depends on a variety of factors. Typically, under ideal conditions. The shelf life of CBD gummies can range from one to two years and retain significant potency.

Factors that greatly influence self-life are the environment and storage method.

To maximize shelf life it is best to keep sunlight and heat away for the gummies.

Once opened, transfer the gummies to an airtight container like a zip lock bag and keep them refrigerated.

While Cane Sugar acts as a natural preservative and helps extend the general shelf life.

The CBD market is full of snake oil salesmen. Vendors trying to make a quick buck by using cheap ingredients and additives. Substandard ingredients make the CBD go bad faster.

Therefore, purchasing your gummy supplies from a reputable vendor may also extend self-life.

Can rancid CBD oil make you sick?

Yes. Even though CBD oil can be consumed long after the expiry date. It will eventually get rancid and can make you sick.

How long it takes for CBD oil to get rancid depends on how the candy was stored. Improper storage will accelerate the decay of CBD oil.

Here is how tell if CBD oil is rancid

Hemp oil color change is the first indicator the oil is rancid.

When hemp oil ingredients decay past safe human consumption. The color and texture change.

Typically hemp oil is a clear light to dark brown liquid. If the oil has a cloudiness (unclear) appearance, it is best to not consume it.

The second indicator of rancid oil is the smell. Rotten CBD oil will have an unpleasant odor. Fresh oil smells earthy and does not invoke a discussion reflex.

The third major indicator is taste. Tasing a tiny amount can point out if the oil has decomposed.

A rancid taste indicates nutritional breakdown and serves no benefit by consuming.

Most people describe the taste of fresh CBD oil as “nutty,” “earthy,” or “grassy”.

Therefore, rancid oil will lose its natural flavor and taste strange and unpleasant.

Can old CBD oil make you sick?

Consuming expired CBD oil is unlikely to hurt you. But any rancid edible has the potential to make you sick.

Using CBD oral tincture a couple of years after the expiration date is harmless.

However, when the oil gets 3 to 4 years past the expiration date. It loses all the CBD goodness.

Without CBD potency, there is no reason to consume it.

Does CBD isolate powder expire?

Isolate is the purest form of CBD.

It is perfect to make medicines and CBD edibles because of the control of dosage measurements.

The typical shelf life for CBD isolates edibles is two years. If stored correctly it will retain its effectiveness for about 14 to 24 months.

Take Away

CBD gummies do expire. But with a small amount of knowledge, the gummy self-life can increase tremendously.

Buying from reputable sellers and storing it properly will retain freshness and potency.

If you happen to discover tasty CBD gummies 3 to 4 years after the expiration date.

You can easily determine with an exterior inspection and spell if the candy is still good.

Whenever in doubt. Do not consume. Because there is probably no more CBD goodness left in the candy.

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