7 Unique fun things to do after taking marijuana edibles?

Marijuana edibles can make any dull activity or social event much more fun, especially when combined with our favorite foods. If your regular marijuana route is to Netflix and munch on your favorite edible snacks, you are missing out on bags of fun and all sorts of shenanigans.

Cannabis helps the mind to laser focus our external senses which can make you more mindful and present at the moment. Some of my most memorable moments happened while experiencing new activities as high as cited. It is even more fun when sharing this moment with someone special.

With that said, the type of marijuana strain will hugely influence your activity experience. When I plan to stay at home to binge-watch Netflix I usually aim for an Indica strain because of its sedative therapeutic effect. Whereas Sativa has an energetic effect and is better suited for social interactions and other physical activities. Some of these activities make for a must-do bucket list to explore with your friends or partner in crime.

Here are some of my most favorite activities and fun things to do after taking marijuana edibles.

Explore your inner Picasso

Research suggests that low to medium-dose THC slightly increases focus and creativity. The next time you plan on some edible fun, why not explore your creative side with brush painting. Panting high on edibles can be a great way to bond with your significant other or clear your mind by doing it alone.

I found that low to medium-dose THC hybrid or Sativa strain works best for creative work. However, for marijuana newcomers or casual users, I recommend sticking to a low dose or microdose because edibles are notoriously more potent than smoking.

Lose yourself in a book

One of my favorite properties of THC is that it can increase your mental focus, so why not read your first book while you are stoned? If you have not tied it before, reading a book stoned might sound like an effort instead of enjoyment, but you would be wrong. Have you read a book you couldn’t drag yourself away from after you started to read? Remember that feeling but multiply it by five to understand how much the mind loves to engage with literature or problem-solving while stoned.

Running High is Higher with Edibles

Research suggests that using marijuana during running can sever multiple benefits. More so, if you ingest full-spectrum marijuana edibles because it contains the rest of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. “Runners high” is a euphoric sensation runners expensive during long distances. Getting slightly stoned while running can enhance the “runners high” effect making it a more enjoyable affair.

Apart from making running more fun, THC is known to be an effective pain killer which comes in handy when you are pushing through physical pain barriers during exercise. The main reason why I get slightly high while running is because of the mind-to-muscle connection.

An increased mind-to-muscle connection can be helpful because it focuses the mind on physical movement and body form. Body awareness ultimately leads to the ability to isolate particular muscles to make the workout more effective. Though running high is not for everyone, it is still a great way to make exercise more fun.

Watch a Movie from a different perspective and with more engaged senses

If you looking for a fun movie night with a plot twist, try getting high with an Indica strain of marijuana edibles. Indica is well known for its sedative effect that can help you really relax and get sucked into the movie. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing jet mindless high, or something more mentally challenging, watching movies is a great way to match a quality Indica THC high.

Watching movies stoned is much more fun and is a great experience to share with your partner. You may also find that marijuana can help submerge your mind into the movie like moths seeing a light bulb at night. As a result, lowers the possibility of potential side effects such as paranoia. If you are a marijuana newcomer, a movie night is a great way to spend your first encounters because it distracts the mind from overthinking.

Video games: Trading in reality for virtual fun

Playing video games while high a cite is a classic combination. It is hard to believe that playing video games can be more fun, but that is exactly what happens when you mix it up with quality marijuana edible. Edibles do not only make playing video games 100 times more fun, but it also activates and enhances crucial gaming skills.

So, if playing video games stoned is an actual thing. How does that work exactly? If you ever played a video game while stoned, you know that gaming high often feels more natural and is overall more engaging. In fact, Electronic Sports League (ESL) tournaments officially ban marijuana use during competitions because it is recognized as a performance-enhancing drug much like steroids in bodybuilding.

This brings us to the following question. How does marijuana enhance gaming performance? The answer lies in how marijuana interacts within our 11 vital biological systems with our body.

Studies have shown that THC can boost gaming performance by increasing mental focus and memory, even though getting high is associated with short-term memory loss. Have you ever gotten high while having an interesting conversation and mid-sentence forgot what you were speaking about?

Well, when it comes to playing games high there appears to be an exception to the rule. Because of marijuana’s ability to increase mental focus, the mind is extra engaged while exploring a virtual reality realm. As a result, cannabis may potentially increase short-term memory in specific conditions like playing video games.

Another amazing result of playing video games stoned is that the entire process relaxes your muscles and reduces overall stress like anxiety. I’m not particularly a huge video game nerd, but it is by far one of my favorite activities to do while I’m stoned because of the therapeutic effects. On top of that, it is just really, really fun!

Play Marijuana Games

Playing games while high on marijuana is extremely fun and is a great way to build up relationships. The best thing about marijuana games is that it is completely free and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of my top favorite games to play while high in a tree from marijuana. And yes, pun intended 🙂

Cards Against Humanity just got High

The increasingly popular card game “Cards Against Humanity” has gathered a type of cult following because of the hilariously funny why the game trolls sensitive subjects just like comedians. The players use their hands of cards to predict each other statements. The twist comes when you realize that all the cards are dark humor which is a horrible notion for people with a balanced morality.

The game aims to lead the players to create sentences that are borderline offensive but routed from natural human behavior. For players to be successful in the game they must explore the dark side of humanity. What makes the game, especially fun is seeing other people’s reactions playing the game. While playing “Cards Against Humanity” stoned might be extremely fun, it just became even more fun with a recent release of the special edition for cannabis lovers.

Cards of humanist Marijuana edition

This hilariously funny game just got more enjoyable with their stoner-inspired deck cards by mocking commonly known cannabis user stereotypes and culture.

The game cleverly trolls old-fashioned thinking about cannabis use like the notion of reefer madness or anti-marijuana fears. A quick visit to the “Cards Against Humanity weed edition” website home page shows you the type of pot humor the game is created from.

The first message you are greeted with says:

“Hey, dude I know I was supposed to get you the website content for the Weed Pack but I got really high and this is all I have so far haha” Cards Against Humanity has created a perfect group activity escape to strengthen relations by having fun together.

Here are some other games I played while stone that can be equally fun.

  • Bong Pong
  • Jenga with a Twist
  • Twister
  • Card Games (Texas Holdem up)

Visit a new Restaurant

Any marijuana enthusiast will tell you that everything tastes better when you are high. The reason for this might be because of how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our body. Research suggests that medium to high THC dose has a well-documented side effect referred to as the “munchie”

Munchie is not by any means an uncontrollable hunger, it is more like a 20% appetite increase which basically makes food more attractive at the moment. This side effect is widely acknowledged within the medical community and is even used to treat cancer patients to help promote appetite after treatments like chemotherapy.

As a result, eating delicious food after using cannabis enhances your dining experience because you have a bigger appetite to satisfy which makes food taste better. Hunger may just be the best chef. That said, being served food that was professionally prepared by a chef while marijuana primed your taste buds is amazing to experience.

Those of you that are fortunate enough to live in a marijuana legal state can take this experience up a notch by dining from a cannabis-infused restaurant menu. Cannabis-infused dining is a unique experience that will sever you a lot of fun.

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