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How to control temperature and humidity in grow tent: (Ultimate Guide)

One of the most significant deciding factors, when it comes to producing a successful flower harvest, is creating the perfect habitation for your plants.

Today we are looking at the best free and paid methods to help you understand, how to control temperature and humidity in grow tent.

Creating the perfect temperature and humidity balance in your grow space for each of the 4 stages of the cannabis plant life cycle is one of the few steering wheels available to growers to help control the quality of the harvest.

Grow room temperature controls are probably the single biggest advantage indoor cultivators have over outdoor growers because it is the only way to produce consistent quality crops in the least amount of time possible.

An indoor grow environment essentially allows growers to create a utopia for plants which lowers the overall stress for them.

Managing the stress level of your plants is essential because once they feel overwhelmed or threatened cannabis goes into survival mode and starts to produce male pollen sac’s which if left untreated can ruin the entire crop.

Today we are looking at how to create the perfect ecosystem for cannabis plants and why that is important.

Why Controlling Temperature & Humidity Is Important

The ability to manage the climate of a grow tent is the most effective way the lower your risk of natural crop damage from elements such as weather and insects.

Even though Controlling Temperature & Humidity with the switch of a button can play to your advantage when levered correctly, doing it wrong can have a devastating effect on your harvest.

Cannabis can grow in pretty much any climate that is comfortable to humans, however, it is an entirely different story when it comes to producing quality flowers.

Cannabis plants undergo 4 growth stages and all of them require a different temperature and humidity balance.

If the temperature and humidity drop too low it can stunt plant development which directly affects the size and the quality of the flowers.

Whereas getting the temperature and humidity too high can cause the formation of harmful fungi like mold and mildew.

The more the tent growth climate moves away from the plant’s preferred temperature and humidity, the more severe and likely the potential consequences.

When conditions become too extreme it can trigger the plant to believe that it is in a fight for survival.

When this happens female plants start to develop male parts in an attempt to pollinate themselves to ensure their bloodline continues in life.

Hermaphroditism is the cannabis plant’s superpower which is the main contributing factor for its ruggedness and ability to survive a diverse climate.

While veteran growers often take advantage of this incredible evolutionary response to make copies of a particular plant, it is mostly an unwelcome sign in your crop.

If a hermaphrodite is not removed from the crop, all the females will end up being pollinated which makes them focus their growth energy on seed development instead of flowers.

As a result, come harvest time you are left with flowers laced with seeds, and on top of that, buds that have significantly less THC and are much smaller compared to female flowers.

The soonest hermaphrodite can be identified is during the vegetation stage when cannabis starts developing its male or female parts.

Once a hermaphrodite is noticed amongst the crop there is a couple of actions to take
Female hermaphrodite developing banana’s looking seeds

What should I do when I notice a hermaphrodite in my grow tent?

Once a hermaphrodite is noticed amongst the crop there is a couple of actions to take that will help protect the rest of the female plants in the grow space and possibly treat the hermaphrodite in exchange for a higher quality flower yield.

First action, once a hermaphrodite is observed the best possible thing you can do to protect the crop is to isolate it from the females.

Make sure the hermaphrodite is isolated because their pollen powder can easily travel from room to room through the air ducts to pollinate the grow room.

Secondly, action, Once the hermaphrodite is isolated you can attempt to treat the plant which will in return trigger the plans to refocus its growth energy towards flower development again.

Although this is not a complete solution, this method can increase flower quality to a point that it is usable.

Here’s how to control temperature and humidity in grow tent

Here is how to control temperature and humidity in grow tent effectively
Young man tending to marijuana plants. Cross-processing applied.

To order to get an effective system to maintain temperature and humidity typically consist out of implementing multiple best practices combined with technology.

By following grow room best practices you will find that it is easier to maintain a particular climate range and the equipment used in the tent dot need to quite work as hard.

From my past, I have found that the best way to achieve a more cost-efficient and stable temperature and humidity atmosphere, begins with doing all the little things right.

Here is my quick list of what you can do to maintain a perfect equilibrium inside a grow space.

1. Adjust Fan Speed

While this is the most obvious adjustment to effectively manipulate the temperature and humidity in a grow tent, it is worth mentioning because once you master this skill it can make a huge impact on the harvest end result.

Although adjusting fan speed sounds pretty simple, this skill needs to be mastered over time because it involves taking into inconsideration a fundamental temperature and humidity principle called “relative humidity“.

‚ÄúRelative humidity‚ÄĚ is the percentage amount of moisture in the air in relation to how much water the air can hold at a given time.

This principle exploits the fact that warmer air can hold much more moisture than cold air, indicating that humidity is directly dependent on temperature.

As a result, 75% humidity during the hot summer’s day feels much more damper than 75% humidity on a cold winter’s day.

In fact, the difference in air dampness can be noticed clearly when your skin starts drying out in cold winter months because of a lack of atmospheric moisture.

The principle of ‚ÄúRelative humidity‚ÄĚ affirms that lowering ventilation fan speed increases humidity since moving air dries up moisture.

While this is useful, the ventilation fan is also responsible for sucking out moist air and replacing it with cooler dry air.

By understanding the principle of ‚ÄúRelative humidity‚ÄĚ in relation to an indoor grows environment you should be able to leverage this simple yet powerful tool to your advantage.

2. Control plant density in the grow tent

High plant density because of sea of green method

During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. However, during nighttime plants behave similarly to humans in that they absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide into the air.

Excess amounts of carbon dioxide within a confined grow room is a major contributing factor when it comes to high humidity.

Bushy plants are the biggest carbon dioxide producers which is why trimming useless branches and leaves can have a huge impact on the grow room temperature.

Apart from carbon dioxide, high plant density also prevents air from flowing throughout the grow space creating the ideal moisture-rich environment from mold between leaves.

3. Use grow tent dehumidifier for fast results

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are the most effective way to control temperature and humidity in grow tents because commercial units are powerful enough to absorb bad cultivation practices making them essential for all new growers.

However, not all moisture-controlling units are created equally. You will find that regular home dehumidifiers and humidifiers can have some positive impact in tiny grow tents but generally, they are inadequate to effectively control the temperature and humidity.

These climate control systems are an invaluable tool in the indoor grower’s arsenal making it a reasonable idea to invest in proper equipment, but if you are just starting out, cheapies will also get the job done eventually.

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