Can CBD treat vertigo or dizziness? (Complete Guide 2021)

Dizziness or balance relates problems is one of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor’s office.

Does CBD help treat vertigo or is it just a misconception?

Vertigo is a symptom, rather than a disease.

It is a sensation that you are spinning or your environment is moving around you.

Generally, patients describe vertigo as a sensation of extreme dizziness or lack of balance.

In severe cases, patients are unable to cross a bridge or climb stairs.

The severity of the symptoms may depend on what is the actual cause of vertigo symptoms.

The most common cause of vertigo is a problem with the vestibular system like the inner ear, vestibular nerve system, brain stem, and cerebellum function.

These vestibular systems partly share responsibility for sensory perception, coordination, and motor control.

Vertigo, dizziness, and balance-related conditions are very common amongst adults.

About 40 percent of United States adults encounter vertigo symptoms at least once in their lifetime. With women slightly more prone to the condition than men.

Recent studies indicate that CBD may help to treat particular vertigo symptoms depending on the cause.

In this article, we’re are investigating ways that CBD oil helps to mitigate vertigo symptoms.

Does CBD Help With Vertigo?

CBD treatment for vertigo is becoming increasingly popular because of its diverse healing properties.

But is it really effective or is it just snake oil?

The effectiveness of CBD as a remedy for vertigo depends on your particular symptoms.

The most common symptoms of vertigo are dizziness, nausea, and the feeling like you are moving or spinning.

Why People Are Turning To CBD For Vertigo?

CBD does not treat vertigo as a condition, it merely provides relief to some of the symptoms.

A 2018 study found that CBD treatment help to mitigate dizziness, fatigue, and nausea symptoms which are all closely related.

How Can CBD Oil Help with Vertigo?

The main reason why CBD is an effective treatment against vertigo is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Research indicates that the anti-inflammation property greatly benefits patients whose symptoms are caused by inner ear inflammation.

If the symptoms are caused by brain trauma or genetics, CBD will not be effective. In these cases, CBD may only relax the patient to provide anxiety relief.

It is also noteworthy that CBD is a great remedy for nausea. This symptom can debilitate you from everyday life with extreme discomfort.

You may find that the most common nausea medication is an antihistamine which is sedative.

Intoxication is particularly problematic when treating children or even being at work.

While CBD is not a perfect solution for vertigo, it does offer a non-intoxicating natural alternative to traditional drugs.

What is the best way to use CBD for Vertigo?

There are two common ways to take CBD. The ideal method will depend on your preference and environment.

Taking CBD tinctures oil

Taking out a vape pen at your cubical may not be ideal because it can leave an undesired perception about you with your work colleague.

If you have to be mindful of your surrounding CBD tinctures will be more ideal because it is taken orally or sublingually.

However, there are potential drawbacks when taking CBD in tinctures form.

Because of the complexity of how the body metabolizes CBD oil via the digestive tract, a great amount of the potency is lost. As a result, a higher dose is needed when using CBD oil orally.

If you have severe vertigo symptoms, a quick-acting remedy is preferred which the oral solution does not provide.

On the other hand, when taking it sublingually the potency and speed at which it works hugely increase compared to the oral solution.

However, you will have to be content with the taste and discomfort while the oil is left for at least 60s to absorb through the mouth before swallowing.

This method allows you to bypass the digestive tract and absorb most of the CBD directly into the bloodstream.

Aside from these minor drawbacks when using CBD tinctures, it is a great alternative to vaping.

Taking CBD vape pen

Vaping CBD is a popular alternative method to take CBD. This method has many benefits over taking tincture but has some obvious drawbacks.

The greatest benefit of vaping CBD is the quick delivery system. Relief from vertigo symptoms come within seconds after inhaling.

Another advantage of vaping is that CBD is delivered directly into the bloodstream.

As a result, a much lower dose is needed compared to tincture oil.

However, vaping does have a couple of disadvantages.

Firstly, it is never a good idea to inhale any chemical substances. Especially with relatively new inventions like the vape pen because long-term side effects are still mostly unknown.

Another potential disadvantage is the vaping in school or work may not be an option.

Safety & Risks: Is CBD safe to use to treat Vertigo?

Although CBD is widely regarded as safe to use within the medical community.

Some people may experience side effects such as dry mouth, diarrhea, decreased appetite, drowsiness, fatigue, and medication conflict.

Not all CBD side effects are perceived as a bad thing. For example, reduced appetite is an advantage if the intent is to lose weight.

CBD side effects symptoms are not common and in most cases mild.

These side effects will almost always subside over time once the body gets accustomed to the foreign substance.

However, if you are suffering severe symptoms that don’t subside after using CBD on a regular basis, it indicates a more serious underlining health problem.

At this point, it is a good idea to consult your doctor to establish if CBD is a good fit for you.

Moreover, the side effect with the greatest cause of concern is the fact that CBD may interact with other medications for blood pressure and anxiety.

If you are unsure if the CBD has a negative effect on your current medications.

Here is a quick guide to checking for conflict by using a rule of thumb.

Avoid taking CBD together with medications with a grapefruit warning.

Why Shouldn’t You Take CBD with Grapefruit Juice warning?

What is wrong with grapefruit juice?

Grapefruit has an organic compound called furanocoumarin that interferes with the activity of the enzyme CYP3A4 in the digestive system.

As a result of the interference, our body absorbs too much of a certain medicine.

This could lead to server-side effects or even overdose.

As yet, studies have identified over 85 drugs that may interact with the enzyme CYP3A4.

Most of these medicines can have a fatal outcome if the dose instructions are not followed correctly.

Medicine commonly prescribed for symptoms like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, and more.

Takeaway: Should You Use CBD Oil For Vertigo?

At present, there are no official drug studies that confirm CBD is effective to treat vertigo.

However, there are plenty of studies that suggest that CBD can help mitigate symptom that causes vertigo.

That being said, the effectiveness of the remedy greatly depends on the root cause of the vertigo condition.

If your condition is brought on by brain legions or genetics, CBD will most likely not help. In these cases, it can also be argued that it may cause more discomfort than relief because of potential side effects.

However, inflammation of the inner is the most common cause of vertigo symptoms.

In this case, CBD may be the ideal remedy because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties.

By reducing inflammation in our body, CBD may help mitigate vertigo conditions in some people.

That being said, because of the non-existing government regulations, it is wise to consult your doctor before self-medicating.

Another cause of concern when taking CBD is that it interacts negatively with other medications used to treat blood pressure and anxiety.

Taking CBD with the known reactive medicine can have severe consequences and may be fatal in rare cases.

CBD is an amazing natural non-intoxicating diverse remedy. However, it is not a magic wand that to fix serious underlining health issues.

It needs to be taken responsible with a proper dose to have a positive outcome.

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